3 Fun & Easy Thanksgiving STEM Activities

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Thanksgiving is fast approaching and you probably have a lot to prepare, so we’ll keep this blog post short and sweet. Entertain the children attending your Thanksgiving celebration this year with these fun and easy STEM activities. They’ll spend hours designing, creating, and building.

Turkey Balloon Rockets

With turkey balloon rockets your kids learn engineering concepts by creatively designing and building their very own rocket. The activity also provides a simple lesson on the action/reaction forces that occur when an object is moving. To make your own turkey balloon rockets all you need are balloons, string, tape, large drinking straws, crafted turkeys (cut out of foam), and a place to secure the string and make the race track. Turkey balloon rockets are sure to be a hit at your Thanksgiving celebration!

Mayflower Boat Building

Mayflower Boat Building is great for all ages and provides a little history lesson behind Thanksgiving. Using simple materials such as popsicle sticks, sticky notes, beads, toothpicks, aluminum foil, scissors, and any other household items you wish to include, challenge kids to design, build, and test a Mayflower boat that can hold weight and float. Using pennies as weight, see how much cargo each Mayflower can hold while floating. This challenge teaches kids about engineering through designing and building a boat, as well as, the scientific method of planning, creating, and testing ideas. This activity will keep the kids at your Thanksgiving event engaged for hours!

Homemade Butter

What better way to teach your kids about science at Thanksgiving than with a homemade butter experiment? Using a glass jar with lid (mason jar) and heavy whipping cream, have your kids shake the jar until butter begins to form. Not only will your kids experience the hard work and patience that goes into churning butter like the pilgrims, but they will learn the science behind it. By shaking the cream the fat molecules separate from the liquid and start to form a more solid substance. Your kids will be proud to share their delicious science experiment at the Thanksgiving dinner table!

Have a happy Thanksgiving!