STEM Revolution’s Holiday Gift List

Struggling to find an awesome gift for the STEM loving kid in your life? Look no further than STEM Revolution’s Holiday Gift List. Loaded with ideas for a variety of budgets and ages, our list contains the most innovative gifts for robotics, coding, circuitry, virtual reality, and more. STEM Revolution’s STEM Bus mobile lab visits more than 40,000+ students a year, so you can believe us when we say these gifts are sure to please!

Here are ten of our absolute favorite STEM gift ideas:

Cozmo STEM Revolution Holiday Gift List

1. Cozmo (Amazon: $170.99)
Kids flock to this little robot on the STEM Bus. Equipped with a big personality and fun mini games, Cozmo teaches kids about robotics, block coding, and most importantly friendship. Controlled by an app, an ipad, phone, or tablet is needed to operate him. This robot is perfect for ages 8 and up, but we know quite a few kindergartners who love him too. Cozmo is durable, holds a charge for several hours, and certainly a unique robot who growing in popularity among kids.

Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit

2. Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit (Amazon: $57.99)
Snap Circuits are one of our most tried and true STEM toys. Kids can’t get enough of them! Snapping together pieces, students solve learn circuitry while solving puzzles. We highly recommend the Light kit, which allows children to create circuits that turn on and off lights, fans, and more. Your child will spend hours problem solving the kit’s book of puzzles and designing their very own circuits. Due to its small parts, Snap Circuits Light is best suited for children 8 and up.

3. Google Cardboard (Amazon: $15.00)
Google Cardboard is the most affordable virtual reality tool on the market. Using smartphone apps, Google Cardboard transports the users to unreachable places. Outer space, the ocean deep, and more are now accessible with this virtual reality tool. A smartphone is required, so kids will need to borrow an adults smartphone for use. There is also no need to worry about buying apps because there are tons of free apps available on the App Store or Google Play Store. Check out this list of great free Google Cardboard apps by Think Mobiles. STEM Revolution uses Google Cardboard in many of its programs, including the STEM Bus. With an easy set, this virtual reality experience is fun for the whole family. Want to purchase STEM Revolution’s VR Cardboard? Buy it here for only $10.00

4. Anki Overdrive (Anki Website: $119.99)
Anki, the makers of Cozmo, are also the creators of Anki Overdrive. These autonomous racing cars are the modern Hot Wheels, kids absolutely love them. By operating an app on a tablet or other device, kits race, switch lanes, and stun their opponents using cuding edge smart technology. With electric and smart cars growing in popularity, Anki Overdrive introduces children to this innovative technology early on. This toy is currently recommended for ages 8 to 15, but we think these cars are fun for adults too!

5. Magformers (Amazon: $29.97)
Magformers are colorful magnetic shapes used for building. Appropriate for ages 3 and up, Magformers allow kids to explore concepts such as design, geometry, and engineering. Loved by all who visit the STEM Bus, these magnetic building shapes allows children of any age to be creative. Durable, lightweight, and magnetic, Magformers are great for play at home, in the classroom, or even while traveling.

6. da Vinci miniMaker 3D Printer (XYZ Website: $169)
3D printers have captured the attention of youth and adults alike. No longer a complex machine, XYZ has produced the da Vinci miniMaker to be your child’s first 3D printer. Children learn computer design skills as they work with XYZ 3D Gallery’s 4,500+ FREE 3D models. The da Vinci miniMaker has the capacity to build models of a variety of sizes and is recommended for ages 14 and up. It’s never too early to get your child started with 3D printing.


7. Kano (Amazon: $149.95)
Kano is the perfect STEM gift for learning computer science. Loaded with STEM learning, the Kano kit teaches kids about computer building, coding, game design, engineering, and circuitry. Appropriate for children ages 6 and up, Kano is a fun computer science challenge that inspire kids for hours.

8. Makey-Makey (STEM Revolution Website: $50.00)
Makey-Makey is great for hands-on circuitry learning. From tin foil to bananas you child can turn almost anything into a functioning piano or keyboard. Don’t believe us? Check out this video. The creative possibilities with Makey-Makey are limitless. Recommended for ages 8 and up, we know that kids of all ages love using Makey-Makey while tinkering. STEM Revolution loves Makey-Makey and even incorporates it into its popular Maker Lab Summer Camp for grades 1-2.


9. Makedo (Makedo Website: $12.50)
Makedo is a cardboard construction system for 21st century thinking, making, and playing. The Makedo toolkit comes with everythings kids need to turn regular cardboard into creative engineering projects. With add on kits and even complete structure kits, kids practice design thinking, problem-solving, and immersive hands-on design. This affordable gift option is great for ages 4 and up with the help of an adult or 6 and up alone. It’s amazing what kids will create with the Makedo toolkit.  

10. 3Doodler (Amazon: $47.49)
On a smaller scale, the 3Doodler is also a great introduction to 3D printing for kids. Appropriate for ages 8 and up, children can begin exploring 3D printing before they are able to operate 3D printers. The 3Doodler is the only child-safe 3D pen. With no hot parts, children can easily create 3D art, learning about design and 3D modeling. This unique gift will make for one unforgettable holiday celebration.

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