Our Team

Lorna Finman STEM Revolution

Lorna Finman

Founder and President

Graduated from Stanford University with a doctoral degree in physics.

Dr. Lorna Finman is the president of LCF Enterprises in Post Falls, which she owns with her husband, Dr. Paul Finman. LCF Enterprises manufactures radio amplifiers and jamming devices that the military use to disable IEDs and roadside bombs. 2015 finalist, Idaho Innovator of the Year and Board Member, Idaho STEM Action Center

Paul Finman

Paul Finman


Graduated from Stanford University with a doctoral degree in electrical engineering.

A graduate of Kellogg High School, Dr. Paul Finman attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and then Stanford University where he met his wife, Dr. Lorna Finman.

Ross Finman

Ross Finman


Graduated from Carnegie Mellon with a B.S. Currently pursuing a PhD at MIT.

His research is focused on increasing robots’ awareness of complex environments seen outside laboratories. His most recent research has been on autonomously discovering objects of interest to both humans and robots in real time by detecting changes in dynamic environments. He has worked at Astrobotic, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, and SpaceX.

Alison Lark STEM Revolution

Alison Lark


Director of Operations, Corporate

B.S. Civil/Environmental Engineering; University of Nevada, Reno

After spending time working in the engineering field, Alison now enjoys encouraging children to share her love of STEM by giving them the opportunity to experience it hands-on.  In addition, she volunteers her time as a Girl Scout leader and is the president of the local chapter of the Society of Women Engineers.

Matthew Rawley STEM Revolution

Matthew Rawley


Arizona Regional Director

Matt has spent his career asking, “How do we prepare students for success in life?”  He spent 10 years in education, including his last four years as a PreK-8th Grade principal where he helped turn a traditional school into a STEM school.  Matt has a bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education from the University of Minnesota Duluth where he was a four-year scholarship athlete in basketball.  He also has his Master’s in Educational Leadership from Argosy University.

Manal STEM Revolution

Manal El Masry


UAE Director

B.A. English Literature and Translation;  Ain Shams University

Manal’s work expertise has been in the field of marketing, business development, and event management for over 23 years, having served at the U.S. Embassy in Egypt and the United Arab Emirates as a Senior Marketing Specialist and a Senior Commercial Specialist, respectively.  During both roles, her responsibilities included: developing and delivering new concepts and campaigns, organizing national and international events, conferences, setting marketing strategies, recruiting sponsors, and executing a large number of marketing and promotional activities, such as trade shows, trade missions, training workshops, festivals, public competitions, health awareness, and sports campaigns, etc.   Won numerous honorary and monetary awards for exceptional and outstanding service. 

Derica Preble STEM Revolution

Derica Preble


Programs Director, Corporate

Derica is working on a degree in Non-profit business administration, she has successfully managed teams to increased productivity in the hospitality industry and has 10 years of business ownership. You will see her at the schools, assisting the staff and engaging the students.

Ivana O'Kelly

Ivana O'Kelly


North Carolina Camp Director

Elizabeth Kofmehl

Elizabeth Kofmehl


Finance, Purchasing

Kerri Edwards STEM Revolution

Kerri Edwards


Curriculum Advisor, Corporate

Full time teacher, Union County Public Schools, NC STEM Fellow, Discovery Place Education Studio Teaching degree from North Carolina State University

The energetic Kerri Edwards is currently a STEM enrichment teacher in the Union County Public Schools. Ms. Edwards brings much enthusiasm for STEM teaching to STEM Revolution summer camps. She’s always excited to learn the latest skills to engage students in STEM and prepare them for the workforce.

Sai Ellis STEM Revolution

Sai Ellis


Director of Communications

Currently working on degree in Communication at Boise State University

Sai enjoys helping kids realize how exciting STEM careers really are. Equipped with an enthusiasm for sharing ideas and working alongside others, Sai is always ready to dive into a new project. He also created the website you're currently viewing!

Ben Marsden

Ben Marsden


I.T. Director

When Ben is finished with college he plans to go into the automotive engineering field. Ben is currently working full time to promote STEM by helping put on school assemblies and working face-to-face with kids showing them firsthand how cool and truly exciting STEM is.

Ethan Holt

Ethan Holt


Director of Video Production

Ethan has a passion for telling stories and exploring the different ways ideas can be communicated and collaborated upon through filmmaking and science. He produces short films and works full-time at STEM Revolution putting on school assemblies and generating marketing materials.

Sonja Jacobson STEM Revolution

Sonja Jacobson


Marketing Specialist

B.S. Business-Marketing
Minor in Statistics
Montana State University 

From her days on her high school's FIRST Robotics Team, Sonja has always been passionate about STEM and its power to transform kids into inspired dreamers. With a million ideas running through her head, she enjoys the process of ideation, collaboration, and creativity. When she's not in the office, you can find her hiking, knitting, or traveling to a far off destination.

Maxx Aguirre STEM Revolution

Maxx Aguirre


Technology Specialist

Currently working on B.S. in Mechanical Engineering; Boise State University

Maxx is currently enrolled at Boise State University seeking a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering. Graduating from Skyview High School, in Nampa Idaho, Maxx was a salesman by day and a welder of trailers by night. He has traveled across America in search of the best slopes and waves to shred. Look for him at your next assembly causing a ruckus!

Austin Bobrowski STEM Revolution

Austin Bobrowski


Workshop Coordinator

Currently working on B.S. in Civil Engineering; Boise State University

Austin has a passion for teaching and working with kids of all ages. When he's not helping students understand STEM concepts through the medium of workshops he's coaching local baseball teams.

Gates Lawler STEM Revolution

Gates Lawler


Engineering Specialist

Mechanical Engineering; Lafayette College

Gates has had a passion for STEM ever since she participated in an engineering design fair during her elementary school years. She loves working with kids and seeing the bright minds of the future grow. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tug-of-war with her dog and doing DIY projects to keep her creativity flowing.

Brett Harned

Brett Harned


Technology Specialist