STEM Revolution sponsors Research and Development with high school and college students on cutting edge technology.  Interns are teamed with world class experts to solve challenging global issues.

Areas of Research:

Autonomous Tractor

Equipped with advanced sensors and processing equipment, autonomous tractors would enable the agricultural industry to improve efficiency and therefore eliminate waste. Research in this field has shown very promising results.

High Precision Navigational Technology for Robotic Farming

Cutting edge machinery can be utilized to ensure supreme proficiency in the field of farming. Advancing the technology that we use will greatly aid in the quest for maximum productivity.

Sustainable Solutions for Abundant Clean Energy

Our world is abundant with vast amounts of energy, yet the majority of mankind's current energy use is coming from unsustainable or insufficient sources. There are numerous energy approaches being worked on globally, but an innovative breakthrough is needed. 

Robotics with Virtual Reality Integration

In the field of robotics we are always seeking to have not only more efficiency, but more precision. The next logical step in innovation is to allow the user to directly interact with the robot through the realm of virtual reality (VR). 

Educational Technology for the Classroom

Creating engaging content that captures the attention of students will create lifelong learners that can grow up to further the innovation and development that is happening today. STEM Revolution works hard to keep to up date with the latest technologies so that students are always advancing.