Designed for You

Whether it be conducting workshops at your school’s training facility, providing 1:1 mentorship in-classrooms, or doing online training, our process of training STEM teachers is customized specifically for you. We understand a school’s need to address the curriculum, continuing education credits (CEU), and Standards. We work with you to ensure these are covered.

Equipped with Experience

One of the most important elements we bring is the knowledge, experience, and proven process to engage teachers that are resistant of STEM. We understand the fear. Often our students are more tech savvy then us it seems. Or perhaps the question is more along the lines of how a language arts teacher (for example) engages into the STEM world. Our award-winning teacher trainers have done that in our own schools, and we look forward to passing on our knowledge to yours.

STEM Teacher Training


Our workshops go deeper than just providing examples of projects. We help the teachers to understand what a STEM teacher really is. What a STEM school really is. What a STEM student really is. By understanding the underlying foundation, we enable teachers to understand the process, and empower them with project-based learning techniques.

Ongoing Networking and Support

Our vision includes providing your teachers with ongoing assistance. Whether it be in the form of online or in-person ‘Train the Trainer’ sessions, newsletters, bulletins, networking groups, blogs about what particular teachers are doing since their training, etc., our intent is to keep the drumbeat going to provide ongoing assistance to share proven techniques. 

Examples of workshop sessions:

  • Common misconceptions about teaching STEM
  • Project Based Learning Strategies for STEM and what it looks like in the Classroom
  • How to Get your School Started in STEM
  • Nine reasons to use manipulatives in the classroom: Research-Based and Activity-Oriented
  • Implementing Engineering Design and Science Software in the classroom
  • Integrating the FIRST® program into multiple subject areas
  • Integrating STEM Curriculum in practice
  • MIT/Carnegie Mellon University developed STEM Curriculum
  • ... and more!

Teachers talk about their teaching experience with STEM Revolution