STEM Revolution offers exciting after-school student workshops for all ages. 


Fun, Hands-On, and Engaging

It's always better if you're having fun while you learn. Our courses put an emphasis on enjoying yourself while you learn about STEM. By teaching the students the fun and practical ways they can use these skills, we feel that the lessons will stick in their brain.

Our workshops are designed by MIT and Stanford engineers with the express purpose of attracting the attention of all ages. The students will immediately be getting involved with the source material and find themselves learning.

Accommodating to You

STEM Revolution has a lot of experience providing workshops for many situations. Whether you are a group that would like to come to us or a school that would like us to come to you, we're ready to adapt to your needs. We can do any length of time, frequency or age group. 

With locations in Arizona, Idaho, and North Carolina we're ready to provide our services or answer any questions you have!