STEM Revolution offers introductory and comprehensive STEM workshop solutions.  Whether it's a simple 2 day after school workshop or more comprehensive 5-8 week after school or Saturday courses, we're flexible to your needs.


Fun, Hands-On, and Engaging

It's always better if you're having fun while you learn. Our courses put an emphasis on enjoying yourself while you learn about STEM. By teaching the students the fun and practical ways they can use these skills, we feel that the lessons will stick in their brain.

Our workshops are designed by MIT and Stanford engineers with the express purpose of attracting the attention of all ages. The students will immediately be getting involved with the source material and find themselves learning.

Building Foundations

The after-school workshops are a great introduction to learning foundations in coding, problem solving, game design, and more! Whether you're a first time coder or you've done it before, our workshops will help grow your skills. The only thing you need to attend one of our workshops is a positive attitude and a spirit of collaboration!

Students are immediately able to start working with the materials provided. Memorization of concepts happens effortlessly when the students can get intimately involved with the content. 

  Makey-Makey and Coding Workshop

Makey-Makey and Coding (Grades 1-2)

Invent your own game and get hands-on beginner coding experience! Explore circuitry by turning everyday objects like Playdough, buckets of water, or even your friends into video game controllers with Makey-Makey invention kits.

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Super Hero Robotics Mindstorm EV3 Grades Three Four Five

Superhero Robotics (Grades 3-5)

Design, build, and program robots to solve superhero themed puzzles with Lego Mindstorm EV3s.  Using this fun and powerful tool, young campers can flex their creative muscles while learning new tricks and skills to solve big problems.

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 Arduino Laser and Video Games

Arduino Laser and Video Games (Grades 6-8)

In this exciting workshop, students will learn all about Arduino circuit boards, coding, and the basics of circuitry! Students will develop their engineering and creativity skills while building and coding their very own flashing LED's, lasers, and laser targets! There's no better way to learn coding fundamentals and basic circuitry skills than in this laser themed workshop! 

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Want to get involved?

STEM Revolution is seeking teachers and paid interns for part-time positions to take ownership of our expanding after school program during the school year. We will train and mentor but teaching experience and tech-savviness is a must.